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The Investment Funds course in two lessons covers the nature of investment funds and investment companies, the types and styles of investment funds, fund portfolio management, the cost of investing in different fund classes, fund management strategies, the nature of fund income and dividends, and the types of returns on investment funds and their taxation.

Pecunica™ online courseware blends ideally with face-to-face instruction, to further and consolidate the learners' understanding of the subject matter.

Course Curriculum

Investment Funds
US Investment Funds 00:00:00
Investment Companies 00:00:00
Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds 00:00:00
Closed-End Funds and Unit Investment Trusts 00:00:00
Fund Style, Strategy and Type 00:00:00
What are stock funds? 00:00:00
What are bond funds? 00:00:00
What are money market funds? 00:00:00
--The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
What is the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)? 00:00:00
What is a security market line? 00:00:00
Fund Management, Cost and Returns
--Investment Fund Costs
What are mutual fund shareholder fees? 00:00:00
What are operating expenses and other fund costs? 00:00:00
What are mutual fund share classes? 00:00:00
--Fund Management Strategies
What are fund management strategies? 00:00:00
--Fund Dividends
What are fund dividends? 00:00:00
--Investment Fund Returns
What are the total returns on an investment fund? 00:00:00
What are capital, pre-tax and after-tax returns? 00:00:00
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