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Embeddable Glossaries

Free Embeddable Glossaries for Your Site

Pecunica™ glossaries are made available to you free for embedding on your website via iframe.  The embeddable glossaries using iframes is a convenient way for you to incorporate the secure, dynamic and responsive content onto your site.

This is an illustration of how code for an iframe is embedded on a website.

Glossaries are very quick to embed and make it easy for your site visitors to use them.  You do not need any plugins or applications – it takes advantage of web technologies instead.

By using Pecunica embedded glossaries:

  • You will always have the latest version of the glossary;
  • The structure and display of the glossary you choose is maintained;
  • No IT resources are used, except for that of the browser;
  • There is no collision with existing JavaScript and/or CSS;
  • They don’t depend on your site’s content management system;
  • There are no dependencies on other language servers; and
  • They are highly secure.

The Pecunica site uses the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) communication protocol, over which glossary data is sent between the browser and Pecunica.  This means all communication between the Pecunica site is encrypted and your site is secure.

Choose any one of the following free embeddable Pecunica topic glossaries for your website:

  • Accounting – Glossary of key accounting terms.
  • Bankruptcy – Glossary of key bankruptcy terms.
  • Investing – Glossary of key investing terms.
  • Leasing – Glossary of key leasing terms.

Embedding Pecunica Glossaries

How do you embed a Pecunica glossary on your website?  Choose the glossary you want to display, then copy and paste the customized code into your website’s HTML.

To generate the code for embedding a glossary on your site:

  1. Go to Free Embeddable Glossaries;
  2. Select the glossary of your choice and choose “Embed”;
  3. Mark and copy the HTML code; and
  4. Paste the code on to your site in a post or on a page of your choosing.

For complete subject matter Pecunica glossaries, see Glossaries & Clarification.

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