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What kind of equipment is leased?

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The BEA lists the following types of equipment in its publication “Relation of Private Fixed Investment in Equipment in the Fixed Assets Accounts to the Corresponding Items in the National Income and Product Accounts”:

  • Information processing equipment – Computers and peripheral equipment; communication equipment; medical equipment and instruments; nonmedical instruments; photocopy and related equipment; office and accounting equipment;
  • Industrial equipment – Fabricated metal products; engines and turbines; metalworking machinery; special industry machinery, n.e.c.; general industrial, including materials handling, equipment; electrical transmission, distribution, and industrial apparatus;
  • Transportation equipment – Trucks, buses, and truck trailers (light trucks, including utility vehicles, other trucks, buses, and truck trailers); autos; aircraft; ships and boats railroad equipment;
  • Other equipment – Furniture and fixtures; agricultural machinery; construction machinery; mining and oilfield machinery; service industry machinery; electrical equipment, n.e.c.; other nonresidential equipment;
  • Residential equipment;
  • Nonresidential equipment;
  • Nonresidential equipment ex. autos.

The UK-based Leaseurope provides for a much less granular classification:

  • Machinery and industrial equipment – All types of machinery/equipment be they for commercial, industrial or agricultural use and that are not registered;
  • Computers and business machines – All IT equipment and other business machines such as photocopiers;
  • Road transport vehicles – All registered commercial vehicles, including light commercial vehicles and heavier commercial vehicles, such as trucks, trailers, buses;
  • Motorcars – New and used cars for private or business use, including motor cycles and caravans;
  • Ships, aircraft, railway, rolling stock;
  • Other.

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