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TermTipster™ Glossary & Tooltip Tool

TermTipster™ is the most sophisticated WordPress plugin for glossary creation, term markup and infotip or tooltip pop-up of website content.  TermTipster allows you to easily create a glossary of terms with associated synonyms, usage variations, multilingual equivalents and other metadata.

TermTipster uses your glossary to markup terms on pages and posts and display them in an infotip pop-up.  The advanced markup accurately identifies plural and compound terms.  TermTipster Pro allows for the addition of equivalent terms in other languages.

This illustrates the TermTipster infotip pop-up.

Each term, its abbreviation or synonym is hyperlinked and displayed in an infotip pop-up with its definition and a selector for display of the equivalent term in one or more other languages.  Each term is also listed in the glossary index and on it term page.

The glossary index shows all of the terms of the glossary individually and separately from their abbreviations and synonyms linked to their term page.  A view switcher allows for the choice of different display styles by the click of a button.  TermTipster Pro lets you show multilingual equivalents of the terms in any number of other languages.

Each term has its own page that displays the term’s abbreviation, part of speech, definition, synonym(s) and usage variation.  The term page also links to related content based on the occurrence of the term in that content.  With TermTipster Pro, a selector for the display of the equivalent term in one or more languages is provided on the term pages.

How to Acquire and Install TermTipster

You can download the free basic version of TermTipster here from

You can purchase TermTipster Pro here.


  1. Install and activate the plugin through Plugins;
  2. Enter and describe (define) the terms and all related information (e.g., synonyms and abbreviations) – the term will be the title of the page and the body content will be the description or definition;
  3. Add an index; and
  4. Adjust setting as needed on the dashboard.
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