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Finance Knowledge and Information

The Corporate Financial Statements course provides an overview the principal financial statements – the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement – application of the relevant generally accepted accounting practices (GAAPs) – local GAAP or IFRS – as well as the techniques, methods and ratios used in analyzing the financial statements of companies.

Pecunica™ online courseware blends ideally with face-to-face instruction, to further and consolidate the learners' understanding of the subject matter.

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Course Curriculum

Accounting Principles
--Accounting Principles
What are accounting principles? Demo 00:00:00
What is US GAAP? Demo 00:00:00
What is IFRS? 00:00:00
--Accrual Accounting
What are cash and accrual accounting? 00:00:00
What are the key principals of accrual accounting? 00:00:00
--Accounting Assumptions
What are the basic accounting assumptions? 00:00:00
What are the general accounting constraints? 00:00:00
What is conservatism? 00:00:00
--Revenue Recognition
What is revenue recognition? 00:00:00
--Frozen and Flexible GAAP
What are frozen and flexible GAAP? 00:00:00
Consolidated Reporting
What is consolidation? 00:00:00
What are majority and noncontrolling interests? 00:00:00
What are material subsidiaries? 00:00:00
--Company Groups
What is a company group? 00:00:00
What is group control? 00:00:00
--Intercompany Transactions
What are intercompany transactions? 00:00:00
--Functional Currencies
What is a functional currency? 00:00:00
Income Statements
--Income Statements
What is the income statement? 00:00:00
What is income? 00:00:00
What is cost? 00:00:00
--Net Sales and Gross Profit
What are net sales? 00:00:00
What is gross profit? 00:00:00
--Operating Profit
What is operating profit? 00:00:00
--Net Income
What is net income? 00:00:00
Cash Flow Statements
--Statement of Cash Flows
What is the statement of cash flows? 00:00:00
What are the cash flow statement categories? 00:00:00
--Operating Cash Flow
What is operating cash flow? 00:00:00
What are cash flows from operating activities? 00:00:00
How are operating cash flows determined? 00:00:00
--Investing Cash Flow
What is investing cash flow? 00:00:00
--Financing Cash Flow
What is financing cash flow? 00:00:00
Balance Sheet Assets
What is an asset? 00:00:00
What are current and noncurrent assets? 00:00:00
--Current Assets
What is cash and cash equivalents? 00:00:00
What are receivables? 00:00:00
What are trade and nontrade receivables? 00:00:00
What is inventories? 00:00:00
How is inventory valued? 00:00:00
What are accrued income and prepaid expenses? 00:00:00
--Noncurrent Assets
What is property, plant and equipment (PP&E)? 00:00:00
What are other noncurrent assets? 00:00:00
Valuing Noncurrent Assets
--Asset Amortization
What is asset amortization? 00:00:00
How are assets depreciated? 00:00:00
--Asset Depreciation Methods
What are the methods of asset depreciation? 00:00:00
What are the asset valuation models? 00:00:00
--Accounting for Investments
How are investments accounted for? 00:00:00
What is one-line consolidation? 00:00:00
--Accounting for Intangible Assets
How are intangible assets accounted for? 00:00:00
What is goodwill? 00:00:00
Balance Sheet Liabilities
--Liabilities in the Balance Sheet
What are liabilities? 00:00:00
--Current Liabilities
What are payables? 00:00:00
What are accrued liabilities and deferred income? 00:00:00
What are deferred tax liabilities? 00:00:00
--Long-Term Debt
What is long-term debt? 00:00:00
What are post-employment benefits? 00:00:00
What are provisions and contingent liabilities? 00:00:00
Shareholders’ Equity
--Shareholders’ Equity
What is shareholders’ equity? 00:00:00
What are the basic classes of equity? 00:00:00
--Capital Stock
What is capital stock? 00:00:00
What is paid-in capital? 00:00:00
--Accounting for Corporate Actions
How are corporate actions accounted for? 00:00:00
--Statement of Changes in Equity
What is the statement of changes in equity? 00:00:00
Financial Statement Analysis
--Financial Statement Analysis
What is financial statement analysis? 00:00:00
What are the comparative analysis techniques? 00:00:00
--Balance Sheet Analysis
What is balance sheet analysis? 00:00:00
What is liquidity and solvency analysis? 00:00:00
--Income Statement Analysis
What is income statement analysis? 00:00:00
--Cash Flow Statement Analysis
What is cash flow statement analysis? 00:00:00
--Financial Ratio Analysis
What is financial ratio analysis? 00:00:00
Statement Analysis Ratios
--Liquidity Ratios
How is liquidity measured? 00:00:00
--Cash Flow Ratios
How is cash flow measured? 00:00:00
--Leverage Ratios
How is leverage measured? 00:00:00
--Coverage Ratios
How is debt-service ability measured? 00:00:00
--Activity Ratios
How is business efficiency measured? 00:00:00
What is the cash conversion cycle? 00:00:00
--Profitability Ratios
How is profitability measured? 00:00:00
How is return on investment (ROI) measured? 00:00:00
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