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Finance Knowledge and Information

The Syndicated Finance Facilities courseware covers the nature of syndicated  credit and loan facilities, debt seniority, parties common to syndicated investment grade and leveraged finance transactions, leveraged acquisition finance facilities and the leveraged finance process, real estate finance facilities for property development and property investment, and syndicated loan underwriting (underwriting and credit approval).

Pecunica™ online courseware blends ideally with face-to-face instruction, to further and consolidate the learners' understanding of the subject matter.

Contact us for more information on branded courseware for use on its own or blended with face-to-face instruction.

Course Curriculum

Credit and Loan Facilities
--Revolving Credit Facilities
--Term Loans and Tranches
Seniority and Subordination
--Debt Seniority
--Debt Subordination
Finance Facility Obligors
--Borrowers and Obligors
--The Borrower Group
Facility Finance Parties
--Common Finance Parties
--Finance Parties to Leveraged Facilities
Leveraged Finance Facilities
--Senior Debt in Structured Finance
--Subordinated Debt in Structured Finance
Leveraged Acquisition Finance
--The Leveraged Acquisition Structure
-- The Leveraged Acquisition Process
Real Estate Financing
--Real Estate Finance Facilities
--CRE Finance Underwriting
REF Facility Agreements
--The REF Development Document
--The REF (Investment) Document
Loan Underwriting
--Loan Underwriting
--Estimating Expected Loss
Lender Due Diligence
--Due Diligence in Lending
--Due Diligence in Acquisition Finance
--Due Diligence in Real Estate Finance
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