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Finance Knowledge and Information

The Financial Market Instruments course provides comprehensive knowledge of marketable (tradable) money market, capital market, derivatives and foreign-exchange instruments, whereby the characteristics and uses of the instruments are covered in depth.  It covers the most important securities, by whom they are issued or originate, and the purpose they serve.

Pecunica™ online courseware blends ideally with face-to-face instruction, to further and consolidate the learners' understanding of the subject matter.

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Course Curriculum

Money Market Instruments
--The Money Market
--Commercial Paper (CP)
--CDs and BAs
--Money Market Yields
Treasuries, Agencies and Munis
--Government Securities
--US Treasuries
--US "Treasury Zeros" (STRIPS)
--Agency Securities
--Municipal Bonds and Notes
--Yields on Treasuries and Munis
Corporate Bonds
--Corporate Bonds
--Asset Securitization
--Covered Bonds
--Issuer and Issue Ratings
--Bond Seniority
--Measuring Bond Yield
Euromarket Instruments
--The Euromarket
--Eurodeposits and ECDs
--Euro Commercial Paper (ECP)
--Euro-Medium Term Notes (EMTNs)
--Measuring Yields in Different Markets
Equity Instruments
--Capital Stock
--Basic Rights of Equity
--Equity Valuation Ratios
Equity-Linked Instruments
--Subscription Rights
--Convertible Bonds
--Depositary Receipts
Investment Funds
--Types of Investment Funds
--Investment Fund Styles
--Fund Management Strategies
--Investment Fund Returns
Futures and Forward Contracts
--Futures and Forward Positions
--Futures Contract Specifications
--Futures Valuation
Exchange Traded Options
--Option Positions and Strategies
--Option Premiums and Values
--Options Styles and Terms
Over-the-Counter Instruments
--Interest-Rate Derivatives
--Foreign Exchange Positions
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