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Engage with the Pecunica Audience

Share your professional insights and expertise with customers, vendors, other industry practitioners and students.  Provide information to those who are interested in improving their understanding about the instruments and workings of finance.  Act as an influencer for your brand and inform the Pecunica audience about the products and services of your industry.

The Pecunica platform shares information on various areas of finance, including banking, commercial real estate, corporate finance, financial markets, investing and leasing.  Your customers, vendors, other practitioners and students visit the Pecunica platform to gain information about the finance industry.  Industry practitioners can use Pecunica to establish their credentials with site visitors and communicate with the Pecunica community.

Pecunica provides qualifying experts the opportunity to share their insights and expertise with platform visitors and users.  The audience uses the information on Pecunica to improve their understanding of finance and the industry.  Sharing your knowledge and expertise with an engaged audience will increase your exposure and improve your personal profile.

You can publish engaging information related to your market, products and industry sector – under your own name.  You can communicate brand messages, answer questions, and give product information of interest to the audience – your customers and prospects.  You can use the Pecunica platform to establish your professional authority and credentials with the interested audience – leading to new business.

Become a Pecunica Expert

Would you benefit from interacting with the Pecunica audience and acting as an influencer for your brand?  Are you capable of providing high-quality, engaging articles on a regular basis that improve readers’ understanding of your field of finance and add value to the Pecunica audience?  Are you interested in sharing your insights, knowledge and expertise with customers, vendors, other industry practitioners and students?

As a Pecunica Expert, you will:

  • Communicate and engage with the Pecunica audience on a regular basis.
  • Grow the reach of your brand and information about your products and services.
  • Increase your professional exposure and profile with the Pecunica community.
  • Establish your personal authority and credibility as a Pecunica Expert.
  • Obtain feedback from the audience through their rating of your engagement.
  • Share your published articles on social media platforms.
  • Get backlinks from the articles on the Pecunica platform to your site or blog.

If you can envisage this as an opportunity for you to connect with the Pecunica audience, voice your interest in having your articles published on the Pecunica platform here.

If you have experience as editor of regularly published financial content, we encourage you too to contact us here to discuss your involvement with Pecunica.