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What is facility management?

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Facilities management (FM) is the integration of processes to develop, provide and maintain the facilityservices by supporting and improving the effectiveness of the core business and primary processes of the occupant of a facility (building).  The core task of facilities management is to integrate all processes of an organization with a view to ensuring a high-quality standard of workplaces and workspace while increasing the return on investment and the value of the real estate.

Facilities management is the practice of coordinating the space and infrastructure of an organization with its people and work.  Space and infrastructure encompass the physical environment of an organization, such as buildings, fixtures, furniture, driveways, water and sewage, telecommunications, occupancy, maintenance and cleaning.  People and organization involve work and occupational physiology, including human resources (HR), information and communications technology (ICT) and hospitality.  Thus, facilities management is the integration and management of the impact that the built environment has on people and the workplace.

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